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Increasing your organization's bottom
line through cost-effective HR consulting focused on solutions to help improve
your performance and results...

Increase Employee Productivity

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Research shows that the average employee is 80 percent productive. Effective HR and management processes that include collaboration, employee feedback, training, and reward systems are vital to increasing employee productivity and organizational effectiveness...

Organization Design

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By helping you assess your organization's structure, including functional areas, reporting levels and job responsibilities and their alignment with your strategic goals and objectives, Workplace Experts will provide important feedback about your overall effectiveness, productivity, and ability to attract and retain talent...

The HR Audit

inspector analyzing construction worksite documents onsiteAn audit of your HR processes, practices and systems will help insure they are sufficient to accommodate the needs of your business and your workforce...

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Upcoming Presentations

Master Class February 13th

Pat Mathews will be co-presenting a master class: Productivity & Profits through People at the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance from 8 – 11:45 am in the Fete Ballroom at the Polo Grill at Lakewood Ranch.

Are your HR and management processes contributing
to your bottom line?

Do you view employees as a gain or drain? Your HR strategy and HR management processes could be helping – or hurting your bottom line.

An organization thrives by having engaged employees who are committed to and rewarded for increasing the bottom line. Allowing Workplace Experts to help you to connect your employees to your organization's success creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Find out how our 25+ years of working with individuals, companies and non-profit and public organizations can help you increase employee satisfaction and retention, and the overall performance of your organization.

Determining your organization’s HR effectiveness

Our HR Audit provides important feedback about the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR processes, and your ability to effectively attract and manage employees. The Audit also pinpoints potential legal issues that can result from poor HR processes, which can cost thousands of dollars to defend and hundreds of thousands to settle. Actions taken following an HR audit have helped our clients decrease costs, decrease liability, and increase profitability.