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Employee Communications in a Down Economy

There are many HR implications related to managing in a declining or tough economy. One of the most challenging for organizations is communicating with employees. This is an area that must be a high priority during the worst of times. Yet it is an area that often needs attention even in the best of times...

Employee Retention in a Recovering Economy

Does your organization have a retention strategy? Finding and hiring good workers is always a challenge — in good and tough economies. But the greatest challenge for many organizations is retaining their best workers, in whom they have invested time and resources...

Making the Most Out of Employee Reviews

In this economy many employers took some serious initiatives in order to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness levels and prevent or reduce financial losses...

Job Satisfaction

The objective of these surveys are to identify and understand the factors that are important to overall employee job satisfaction from the perspective of both employees and HR professionals. This helps HR develop programs and policies that are linked to employee preferences...

The HR Image Makeover

Human resources … human assets … human capital. Call it what you will, the collected "people power" or workforce value of an organization is an asset that is difficult to measure. Similar to measuring physical assets like the cost of machinery and equipment, HR measurements have focused on "tangible" items like cost of salaries, cost of benefits, training expenses - items that reflect the dollars an organization has invested in its human assets...

Why Small and Medium-Sized Organizations
Really Do Need an HR Function

Small (20-100 employees) to medium-sized (101-500 employees) organizations do need an HR function. Statistics related to the effective management and continued growth of an organization support this need. Without professional HR advice from an internal HR professional or an external HR consultant, companies often make costly mistakes that could have been prevented...

Will the HR Manager Please Stand?

The responsibility for the management of the "people resources" in an organization lies throughout all operations in an organization, just like the responsibility for the management of capital resources in an organization. Although the HR department may be held accountable for an organization's ability to attract, develop and retain its employees, the fact is that the real "managers" of an organization's HR processes and activities are the people who have the most daily contact with employees—an organization's line managers and supervisors. The HR department designs and develops people management processes; line and staff managers implement and use them...

You're Fired - Termination in Today's Workplace

"You're fired!" It's a phrase that has received attention due to the popularity of 'The Apprentice.' In the real world of business, however, it is a phrase that is not often used. The fact is most supervisors are uncomfortable with termination. Rather than talking about the real reason for termination, a supervisor is more likely to tell an employee who is being terminated for inappropriate conduct or poor performance that "your job has been eliminated" or "you are being let go due to cost-cutting measures."


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