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Our Services

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From turn-key HR department management to operating as an advisor for your HR and management team to helping organizations maximize their structure to working with individuals on career planning, Workplace Experts is just about that – helping organizations and individuals develop solutions to the everyday challenges of running a business, staying in compliance and making the work environment as productive and rewarding as possible. Some of our most popular services include:

HR and Employee Productivity Related Services

• Assess the status and effectiveness of your 'people processes'
• Develop HR standards for your current or soon-to-be-hired HR manager
• Develop HR strategic goals, objectives and/or metrics
• Evaluate and refine recruiting and employment practices
• Assist with executive and management recruitment
• Design performance appraisal processes
• Create customized HR manuals and forms
• Refine compensation policies and procedures
• Design and/or administer exit interviews
• Serve as an advisor to your HR or management team
• Coach individuals on career planning, resume-writing and interviewing


• HR Metrics (Basic and Intermediate Level Courses)
• Developing an HR Strategy
• Identifying the Key Competencies Needed for Organizational Success

• Supervisory Skills for Today's Workplace including:
--- Interviewing and Selecting New Hires
--- Reward and Recognition Practices
--- Effective Coaching and Discipline
--- Performance Management
--- Termination in Today's Workplace
--- Employment Law

• Strategic Recruiting and Interviewing
• Employee Retention Practices
• HR for Growing Companies
• Illegal Harassment Prevention (for managers and for employees)
• Flawless Facilitation
• Holding Effective Meetings
• Teambuilding and Collaboration for Work Groups
• Resume-Writing, Interviewing and Networking for Individuals

Organization Effectiveness Services

• Assess the effectiveness of your organization's design and the level of communication and collaboration in your organization

• Provide insight into the match of management talent to position and job responsibilities and their alignment with the strategic objectives of the organization

• Identify organizational barriers presented by systems, procedures and cultural norms.

• Conduct employee opinion and engagement surveys

• Organization Development interventions and initiatives: change management, conflict management, executive evaluations, etc.

• Design career development and succession planning processes


Our most popular services include:

• Serve as advisor to HR managers and organization executives

• HR Audits

• Surveys: employee opinion, employee engagement, on-boarding, benefits, and exit interviews

• HR Strategic Planning

• Assess organizational design and alignment

• Design recruiting and new hire orientation processes, and performance management processes

• Assist with new hire recruitment, assessment and selection

• Supervisory training

• Help individuals with resume-writing or preparing for a successful job interview

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