Natiionally recognized Patricia Mathews will engage, enlighten and entertain your group or conference attendees, here are some topics...

human resource consultants - Sarasota, FL

Sample List of Topics

• Know Where You're Going: Developing an HR Strategy
• It's All In What You Measure: Linking HR Goals and Objectives to Business Results
• Strategic HR: Working Successfully With the C-Suite
• Strategic HR: Leveraging the Current Economy to Grow Your Business
• Building Strong HR Practices in a Declining Economy
• Measuring HR in Tough Economic Times
• HR Areas that Impact Productivity and Profitability for Small to Medium Size Businesses
• Gaining a Competitive Edge by Redeploying the Skills and Knowledge of Older Workers
• Mind Your Manners: Interviewing and Hiring Etiquette for Organizations
• Hiring Smart: The Art and Science of Matching People and Jobs
• The Art of Strategic Interviewing
• Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals in Today's Workplace
• Love 'em or Lose 'em: Management Practices to Increase Employee Retention
• Here Today and Here Tomorrow: Retaining Your Best Employees
• Employment Law: The Things Your Attorney May Not Tell You about HR
• How to be a 'Super' Supervisor in Today's Workplace
• HR Pitfalls for Small Companies
• How May I Help You? Effective Customer Service Skills
• We Have Cracked the Glass Ceiling but We Haven't Broken It: The Challenges Faced by Women in Business
• Managing YOU, Inc. (for job seekers)
• Assertive Communication Skills: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, but Don't Say It Mean

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